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  • 700 Watt Electric Motor
  • 26 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Twist Throttle
  • 16" Tires
  • Smart Battery Charger
  • Ignition Keys For Locking
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Front & Rear Brakes
  • Front & Rear Shocks
  • 2 Striking Colors
  • Optional Pedals Included


The XB-700Li is one of our newest additions.

X-Treme's XB-700Li Power Assisted Electric Bike / Bicycle has a 700 Watt Rear Hub Motor (Canada models get a 500 watt motor) similar to our XB-600 model but instead of lead acid batteries our (Li) Lithium line uses 26 Lightweight Lithium LiMn04 Ion Batteries that have a battery life of up to 7 to 10 years! In addition this new model is capable of traveling extensively further than the XB-600 due to the use of Lightweight Lithium technology as opposed to the heavy weight lead acid batteries used in standard models.

With the rising gas prices these days Electric modes of transportation are becoming an ever more popular, and affordable necessity versus traditional methods. The XB-700Li is both stylish and inexpensive. Available in two colors (Blue on Silver and Black on Silver)

Because electric bicycles have a pedal system (even though they do not need to be used) there is no need for a drivers license, it does not have to be registered with the DMV, and if you follow the bicycle laws you should be able to ride this bike any place bicycles are allowed to operate. (Per Federal Electric Bicycle Law H.R. 727)

Are you tired of high gasoline prices? Tired of paying the DMV to register your vehicle? Tired of paying insurance? Do you have a short commute to work or do you work on a large campus? Do you take quick runs to the store every day? Do you want to own your own transportation for less than $1000? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the XB-700Li is for you. Order today and we ship it today.

This item is large and ships by a freight trucking company. If you can pick up the item at your nearest freight terminal, the shipping is free. If you need it delivered to your door, the door delivery fee is $50 per order, not per item. If you order more than 1 item the fee does not increase. A phone number is required to schedule the delivery.

Colors Available : Blue on Silver, Black on Silver
Price: $1599.00 Delivered To Nearest Freight Terminal
Add $50 For Delivered To Your Door

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700 Watt Brushless Rear Wheel Hub Motor
Canadian Models Ship 500 Watts Maximum
40.0 Amp Circuit
48.1 Volts
26 Lightweight Lithium LiMn04 Ion (7-10 Yr Battery Life)
Tire Size:
16" x 3.0" on Aluminum Wheels
Smart Charger Included 120vac
Tool Kit:
20+ mph* using motor power only - faster if you also pedal
Up to 25-35 miles per charge - can still pedal if charge is lost
Designed For :
Sit down riding
Throttle Type:
Variable speed control - Twist throttle
Kick Stand:
Included - Welded To Frame
Braking System:
Front & Rear Brakes
Drive System:
Rear Hub Motor (No chains or belts) Motor is in rear rim
Battery Indicator:
Included Front And Rear Drum / Hydraulic
Tail Light:
Left & Right Mirrors Included
Carton Size (LxWxH):
69.3" x 19.7" x 38.6" Inches
Scooter In Box Weight:
172 Lbs/with pallet 206 Lbs
Scooter Weight:
150 Lbs
Heavy Duty
Polished Steel With Shocks
90 Day X-Treme Warranty - 12 Month Battery Warranty